WordPress Theme Modification

I was recently asked to modify a WordPress theme that was purchased online. The theme needed a better navigation solution which worked for both desktop and mobile platforms. As a result, another incarnation of my mobile navigation javaScript was used! My client also wanted to show a range of small thumbnail images in on of the drop down menus. This is not default functionality in WordPress, so I spent some time working with the PHP class that displays the HTML for a menu and managed to come up with a good working solution which is very easy for the site owner to modify.

You can view the Skin Evolutions website to check out the responsive menu yourself. It uses a mix of jQuery, CSS3 and custom PHP. If I ever find the time, I’d like to wrap the whole package up as a WordPress plugin, as I feel some websites could really benefit from the usage of images in the navigation. This is one step closer to the final navigation system I’d like to build, I’m pleased with the results.