WooCommerce eCommerce Development

As some of you may know, WordPress is the most popular platform out of all the open source solutions that are available. As it happens, WooCommerce is the most popular shop plugin for WordPress, making it one of the obvious choices for running an online shop. Research figures suggest that well over a million shops are powered by WooCommerce!

Why am I writing this? Well, up until a year or so ago I’d given WooCommerce very little thought. I rarely touch on eCommerce as most websites I build require no transactional functionality. I’ve dabbled in some other shop plugins and also the “Magento” platform, but that’s about it. Magento felt very cumbersome to work with compared to WordPress (although I’m sure it’s actually great given some time) so I stuck with WordPress and looked around for a shop plugin I liked. Then earlier in the year I had a meeting with Neal’s Yard Dairy in London – they wanted to upgrade their online shop for something that was easier to use for both customer and administrator. The project went ahead, and one bespoke theme, several bespoke plugins and an installation of WooCommerce later, a new website was born. I learnt a lot during my time on the project and found WooCommerce very good to work with. It has the odd snag here and there, but overall I highly, highly recommend it for any small and medium sized online shop.

In the near future I will be doing a project write up for Neal’s Yard Dairy and adding it to my portfolio. This was over three months full-time development, so as you can imagine it was a vast project – there’s a lot I could write about. And of course, if you’re upgrading your online shop, or you’re thinking of opening one, why not consider WooCommerce? A demo is available on request.