What’s Going On?

So, in December I had a radical overhaul of my work flow. I began coding my own core framework to use when developing with WordPress. This includes a good responsive navigation, a content slider section and numerous widgets for showing related content, latest images and more. It’s been a big task – 12hrs+ a day, week after week. This has now been implemented and further refined on four websites, all due to go live around the same time.

I’ve found mobile navigation a constant challenge, and no wonder – I’ve seen websites costing into the thousands with no “real” solution. I see it all the time, it works on iOS, but then you view on Android and the drop down menu items can’t be selected…or worse, the user is just presented with a colossal list of page names when opening the menu. Even though I’m in phase 1.1 with my framework, I have solved a lot of my issues with navigation, and aim to roll out version 1.2 with a bespoke menu system later in the year. Right now I have several past clients who need updates, new pages and more – so time is the only thing stopping me!

December also gave me the opportunity to do some more logo design which I’ve enjoyed, between the times I’ve been ripping my hair out. It’s always an interesting challenge doing a logo, something so simple, but so complicated at the same time. Good communication with my clients has produced three new logos I’m very pleased with. Caffeine Junkies, BizEx and Sinks & Showers are all new websites and logo that will be launching soon, so check back at a later date to see them!

So yes, the year is off to a good start for business – and I’ve got some big plans for the next few months!