Website Extras

On this page you’ll find an incomplete list of skills and services I often use on website projects. If you think you need some special functionality which is not listed here, please ask.

Bespoke and secure contact forms

If you need a form, simple or complex in it’s implementation, I can build it. The data which is captured can be stored in a database or emailed to you. I can also code the form to work with AJAX for a smooth user experience.

Email marketing

Mailchimp Template Design

I highly recommend the Mailchimp platform for email marketing. Subscribers can be imported, entered manually, or captured via an integrated form on your website. Mailchimp has a free account to get you started, which is often enough for most small/medium sized businesses. You can use a drag-and-drop style editor when constructing emails, and your template can be styled to match the look and feel of your website/brand.

Social media integration

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter continue to change the face of the online experience, making it easier to share links, information and generally stay in touch. I can integrate Twitter or Facebook into your site to enable users to tweet or link pages to other places. It’s also possible to have a Facebook comments feature on your website. If you are considering some other integration please contact me to see if I can provide what you want.

Video Integration

Youtube offers a simple and reliable way to embed videos. This can be made responsive so it works on tablets and smartphones, and even be used as a moving background image for a striking effect!

Google maps

I’m a big fan of Google maps and have spent a fair amount of time working with the API to build custom setups. Google maps can be used to search for location by address, drop markers to form an area polygon, or even create maps which are styled in the same colour palette as your website. It’s versatile, that’s for sure.


If you’re looking for an easy to use e-commerce solution, why not consider using WordPress with an e-commerce plugin? “WooCommerce” is extremely popular and can be integrated into a bespoke WordPress theme for a seamless user experience. It also includes all the usual things you’d expect from an online shop such as discount codes, group selling, shipping calculator, variable tax rates and more.

Got a question? Give me a call or email for more information.