Theme Development

Over the past three weeks or so, I’ve been developing a theme for Antique dealers. This one’s developed with the tablet and mobile user in mind, so the website is far more orientated towards “pressing things” rather than hover effects, which I personally feel is important, given that this is no “hover” capabilities on a touch screen. This may be obvious, but I think often overlooked by designers!

This WordPress theme should be moving from my local development environment to a live server for content population soon – exciting stuff!

In other news, two previous clients are now booked in for responsive web design conversions – one of which has a combined mobile and tablet viewing count of over 50% on a typical month! Outdoor Places, one of my current builds, is also due to launch soon but is having additional extras before we go live. has also recently launched. This WordPress driven site is responsive, getting rid of the old Flash site the nursery previously had. Various colours, textures and a fun font have been used to create a smart, but fun visit for the user.

That’s all for now! Back to work.