The Google Nexus

Having recently acquired two new devices for website testing, a Nexus 7 and Nexus 4, I can safely say I like the Android platform. I now test all my responsive website builds on iOS, Android and Windows – having the extra devices can really help out! As usual, Internet Explorer lacks support compared to other browsers, such as Chrome on the Nexus 4, and Safari on the iPhone, but it is actually pretty good – certainly enough to display web pages for the masses.

I’m enjoying the constant learning curve on the mobile platforms, but often find the most flexible build is the best. The whole idea is you won’t know who’s viewing your site, or on what device, so you need to cope with as must as possible. Even so, based on various Google Analytics accounts I’ve seen, the iPhone and iPad reign strong. In fact, the iPad dominates a large part of mobile stats in my experience.

Due to demand I’m offering responsive conversions for people who would like better compatibility for users on tablets and smartphones. A simple conversion can cost less than you’d expect, starting from around £150.