Spa Terminus

About the client

Spa Terminus is the umbrella company for several independent food producers in Bermondsey, London. Companies include Neal’s Yard Dairy, Monmouth Coffee Company and Natoora.

Whilst Spa Terminus is a small website, it’s a project I’m pleased to have in my portfolio as it get’s a lot of publicity and it’s a well respected business.

The project brief

I received a call from the Graphic Designer who works with Spa Terminus, asking me if I could code a design he’d made into a functioning website. The website needed to work on a range of devices including tablets and smartphones, whilst being very minimalistic.

The producers page needed interesting functionality, whilst providing basic information about the different business in the Bermondsey arches.

I was also asked to create a page which displayed two different maps, each showing the location of each business in the arches. A small update has also been done to this template so users may click for a close up and optionally download a PDf incase they’re visiting the area.

How I met the brief

The first task was coding the design, pixel perfect. Once complete I moved on to the producers page where myself and Harry (the graphic designer) agreed I should use the arch graphic he had designed to make a horizontal layout which allowed each business to have it’s own arch. This can be navigated using arrows, dragged with the mouse, or scrolled using a finger if you have a touch screen.

The map page consists of some simple javaScript to switch the maps. It’s a no frills approach, but it’s what this website needed and I’m pleased with the results.

Notable features

  • Unique template for the producers page which is can cope with interactions from the user’s mouse, or a touch screen.
  • One of my favorite responsive web design adaptations. Each page works equally well on different screen sizes.

Words from the client

That’s great! I agree it’s looking rather good and we’re just so pleased to have it up and running before Christmas. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Paula Messenger, Monmouth Coffee

It looks great! Thanks for sorting it out so fast. I think everyone’s delighted.

Harry Derby, graphic designer for Spa Terminus