Skin Evolutions Clinic

About the client

Skin Evolutions and Evolutions Clinic are two parts of a cosmetic business based in the centre of Winchester. These businesses offer a range of non-surgical skin treatments to treat moles, age spots, sun spots, melasma and a range of other skin related issues.

The project brief

Cathy approached me via a referral from an existing client. I was asked to build a lot of extra functionality on top of an existing WordPress theme which was running on both of her websites. A new logo was also required for both businesses.

The customisation for the two websites included colouring/styling various areas of the website (and allowing this to be chosen via the admin area), making a series of modifications to the layout, optimising the WordPress theme for more speed and building a bespoke drop down navigation system which could display images in the main menu.

During the time I’ve worked with Cathy I’ve also taken care of domain changes, website migrations and numerous other webmaster duties. It’s my job to keep things running smoothly!

How I met the brief

The theme customisation was a combination of CSS and javaScript changes. Some tweaks were made to templates and a new box was added in the admin area so Cathy can assign pages by “area” – each of these areas can then be styled so the colour of the background and headings match the subject (e.g pink for the beauty section).

The main menu was an interesting task. So far it’s the only time I’ve been asked to put images in a navigation! I used the “featured image” from each page in the menu, pulling this image in and displaying a small thumbnail in the menu. The idea was that this would create a simple way for new clients to identify the skin condition which they have, seeing as most of the names are quite long/complex. This thumbnail was ok, but size proved to be an issue so I made this thumbnail enlarge when it’s hovered over, making it much easier to view in detail. This functionality works in modern browsers only, but covers the majority of Cathy’s viewers.

Notable features

  • Bespoke menu with images, all responsive.
  • Admin area customisation to allow areas of the site to be styled in different colours.
  • Logo design.
  • Pop out contact form which is designed to cut down on SPAM.