Palladium Fine Art

Palladium Fine Art is a fine art and antiques brokerage offering a variety of pieces including sculptures and paintings, as well as product care, advice and guides. The new website for PFA needed to display items in a modern, clean and contemporary design whilst retaining excellent functionality for users. The new site was built on the WordPress platform to allow PFA to quickly and efficiently add, manage and delete items for sale.

The main objectives for the new website were;

  • A clean and contemporary design, that would be different from the typical “green and brown” antique website feel.
  • A visual navigation on the home page with some kind of interactive hover state.
  • A two tier primary navigation to allow the quick browsing of items in stock.
  • The client wanted each area on the website (such as sculptures) to be organised in a catalogue style to allow for quick browsing.
  • jQuery slider on the home page.
  • A dedicated contact form for each item which generates a user enquiry to a dedicated email address.
  • A gallery of images for each item that doesn’t take up too much space, and images can be shown in larger sizes.
  • A larger footer designed to hold other areas of interest.
  • A simple system to allow for care items to be sold online using paypal.

The brief was met using various ideas and pieces of code. A lot of the WordsPress queries interface directly with the database to allow for custom search results, this made the backend of the site incredible easy for PFA to manage. WordPress generates most of the pages and items in the navigation itself, there is almost no editing of image needed either. The contact form on the item pages automatically fills out the item the user is enquiring about, and then sends this to a separate sales email address so PFA know exactly what is going on!

During the development of the website I liaised with PFA over email and the telephone to make a few extra features including the “related items” content slider you will see on the bottom of each item’s page. The script that runs this is made so it will show nothing if there are no related items (so you don’t see a blank slider!), or it will go through a chain of events to work out the most relevant items to show the user. To top it off I made some cool looking arrows and used jQuery to add a subtle but classy hover state.

jQuery is also used in a variety of other places, including the show/hide state of the contact form and the displaying of items on the large “parent areas”. For example, there are a lot of sculptures so we decided to hide them under headings – the user then clicks on an area they wish to see in more detail.

Another piece of script I like is the “recently added” item on the home page. This generates the appropriate links, image and content with no user input. It just sits there and works seamlessly. There are several other touches including the use of a custom font, which make the site fresh, and in my opinion, very classy.

I’m very proud to have the project in my portfolio, and it was great working with Palladium Fine Art.