New Website For Magus Antiques

Early this morning Magus Antiques was launched. The new site had many upgrades over the old site, especially navigation. Categories are intelligently organised using lots of coding in WordPress’ category.php file, meaning a little maintenance for the site as admin as possible.

The admin area also runs custom inputs which are available when adding a new antique to the website. Areas such as height, width and depth are not available with a default WordPress installation, so several new areas were coded to accomodate the needs of the guys at Magus.

Responsive code runs right across the site, including a three-stage gallery for product images. Desktop users get an overlay/pop-up for maximum size, tablet users get a “replace” style gallery and mobile users get a simple forward and backward navigation with full size images to make the most of all available screen space. For me, this has been one of my more ambitious attempts at a gallery, and despite the task of getting this gallery to work on several tablets and phones, it works a treat.

Other development includes my own next and previous post links. WordPress provides it’s own functions to generate a link to the next and previous item on the website, but this was not sufficient due to the complex categorisation of items, so I made my own system which only shows next and previous items if they’re in the same category. In other words, if you’re looking at chairs, you’ll only see other chairs. This was built with the capability of Magus being able to choose wether items are shown chronologically or alphabetically. Quite a headache!

All in all, I’m very pleased with the project. You can take a look here.