Neilan Williams

Neilan Williams is an independent estate and letting agency based in Petersfield, Hampshire. After the initial meetings and planning phase, myself and the director of Neilan Williams Ltd decided to build the new website on the WordPress platform, whilst integrating the current property management system already in place.

The main objectives for the new website were;

  • To create a new look and feel, taking into account Neilan Williams black and white colour scheme.
  • Work with the existing software and company who manages the property “iFrames”.
  • Large, clear and easy to use navigation and buttons across the website.
  • The use of jQuery for a slider on the home page and various small animations across the site.
  • Two contact forms in the footer section – one for sales enquires and one for lettings enquires.
  • An embedded google map with NW branding.
  • A “members of staff” area in the footer that can be maintained by the company director.

The new website had a major re-design and now presents the property listings and company information in a modern, clean and professional manor. Across the site, various bits of javascript and clear, easy to use buttons make the user experience simple and effective.

The footer for the website presented some interesting challenges! The idea was to house to separate contact forms, one for sales enquiries and one for lettings enquiries. The first aspect I had to overcome was the visual impact of the forms – so I hid them from sight until the user clicks on the “click here to get in touch” button. The relevant form then slides open, and incase the user missed this, the page also slides down to make it obvious what you’re supposed to be looking at. The second problem was the authentication of form data. Typically I would use PHP to check the contents of a form, but this means the page must be sent, and any errors will show up on the page load. This would cause problems as the form are at the bottom of the page, so is would be hard to spot if you had made a problem when filling out the form. To solve this issue I used a bit of AJAX, this checks the form before it’s actually posted to Neilan Williams, and highlights any user errors. To top it off, when you make a valid enquiry a container slides down from the top of the page, acknowledging your use of the contact form.

The property pages were designed by me, and then implemented with a hybrid of my code and code from the company who manage the software for Neilan Williams. The iFrames are then held in WordPress templates for a seamless join.

The staff area in the footer uses some subtle jQuery for the hover effect. Each image/name is linked to a staff dedicated email address to allow clients to contact a specific person. This staff area is set up as a “custom post type” in WordPress, so Neilan Williams can quickly add, delete or modify members of staff as required.

In summary, I’m extremely proud to have the project in my portfolio and enjoyed working with Neilan Williams Ltd.