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I recently re-designed and developed a new website for the Havant district division of the renowned U.K charity Mencap. The new website had two main requirements;

  • Show information on the club, activities and people that run/attend the clubs.
  • Have an easily accessible list of upcoming events so current members can keep in the know with what’s going on.

These two aims where met by building a new site on the WordPress platform. WordPress allows the webmaster of the site to change page content, add new pages, edit images and modify the main navigation. A blogging system also runs on the home page to keep members updated on new activities/dates. Each entry contains the date of event, title and description.

The new design uses the bright “Mencap” colours and adds some fun with cartoon style faces, representing the diversity of club attendees.

When finished, the site was optimised for search engines based on it’s current content. As the site grows I will be periodically updating SEO information in accordance with the feedback from both site users and Google. Currently the site ranks #1 or #2 in google for relevant searches.