Web Design

Website design and website development are two different skills. I’m a good all-round designer and developer who chooses to cover both rather than specialise in one. My main service is offering a complete WordPress theme, ready to run. This includes full design, bespoke development and server setup. If you’re looking for development on the WordPress platform, please visit the WordPress development page for more details.

My design skills

Design work is challenging, but rewarding. It’s also good to code what I’ve designed because graphic designers really don’t seem to understand too much about how a website is built! You can view a range of work in my portfolio, but I’ve chosen a couple of my favourite pieces and placed these below.

Original Software Design

A design I submitted for Original Software

London School Of Hygeine And Tropical Medicine Design

A design for the London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine

Design only services

You can hire me for design work from £280.00 per design. Please get in touch to discuss specific details.

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