Website Design

Website design and website development are two different skills. We offer design as a single service but more commonly as part of a full website package. Our style of design is clean, crisp and functional.

The huge difference between website design and graphic design

Graphic designers, for the most part, design for a fixed layout. For example, a business card or a magazine. The web is totally different in this respect as a design must translate well across multiple devices such as desktop computers and laptops, all the way down to the small screen of an iPhone SE. Effective website design must also consider website load speed, the order in which elements on the page load for the fastest user engagement and other aspects which will be the make or break of our online campaign. In my opinion, to be a good web designer you must have a solid grasp of coding, which is where the clear divide can often be found between a graphic designer and a true website designer.

Think of it like this; a car designer cannot simply design what looks best, they must design within the confines of the build materials, the wind tunnel and budget. The same theory applies to websites.

My design skills

Design work starts with understanding your business and target audience. We seek to understand how a user moves around your site, what causes them to leave and then address these issues. Good development and code is a given, but if it’s fronted by a less than attractive website, it’s not much use. This is why I’m passionate about design.

You can view a range of work in my portfolio, but I’ve chosen a couple of my favourite pieces and placed these below.

Original Software Website Design

A design I submitted for Original Software

London School Of Hygeine And Tropical Medicine Design

A design for the London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine

Design only services

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