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Here you’ll find the latest news and goings on. From time to time I post articles on code, new websites and business news.

New Website For Magus Antiques

Early this morning Magus Antiques was launched. The new site had many upgrades over the old site, especially navigation. Categories are intelligently organised using lots of coding in Wordpress' category.php file, meaning a little maintenance for the site as admin as possible. The admin area also runs custom inputs which are available when adding a new antique to the website. Areas such as height, width and depth are not available with a default Wordpress installation, so several new areas were coded to accomodate the needs of the guys at Magus.

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Another Website Gets Updated

The second Lemongrass Thai Restaurant site is up and running on it’s new theme. This website received a few small updates, including different images in the gallery, touch sensitive slider and gallery and a new colour scheme. Both Lemongrass Petersfield and Sussex have won the Trip Advisor award of excellence, placing them in the 10% for performance, of all businesses worldwide. That’s a great achievement – I’m pleased I get to work with such great businesses! I’ve also been building a new WordPress theme in collaboration with an SEO specialist – this one is for an Antiques Dealer, and it’s almost done.

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Lemongrass Is Now Responsive And Running On WordPress

The owner of the Thai restaurant in Petersfield, called Lemongrass, recently decided to have the website made responsive after I popped round with an iPad to give a demonstation of responsive design. Whilst doing the build, I decided to move the site from a static build to a Wordpress build, allowing me to maintain the site faster and easier than before. The website also dropped it's dark colour scheme and replaced it with a fresh and vibrant green for summer! If you've got a smart phone or tablet, do visit the site and see what a difference the responsive code has made. Better still, drop by Lemongrass and have some delicious Thai food!

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Theme Development

Over the past three weeks or so, I've been developing a theme for Antique dealers. This one's developed with the tablet and mobile user in mind, so the website is far more orientated towards "pressing things" rather than hover effects, which I personally feel is important, given that this is no "hover" capabilities on a touch screen. This may be obvious, but I think often overlooked by designers! This Wordpress theme should be moving from my local development environment to a live server for content population soon - exciting stuff! In other news, two previous clients are now booked in for responsive web design conversions - one of which has a combined mobile and tablet viewing count of over 50% on a typical month!

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The Google Nexus

Having recently acquired two new devices for website testing, a Nexus 7 and Nexus 4, I can safely say I like the Android platform. I now test all my responsive website builds on iOS, Android and Windows - having the extra devices can really help out! As usual, Internet Explorer lacks support compared to other browsers, such as Chrome on the Nexus 4, and Safari on the iPhone, but it is actually pretty good - certainly enough to display web pages for the masses. I'm enjoying the constant learning curve on the mobile platforms, but often find the most flexible build is the best. The whole idea is you won't know who's viewing your site, or on what device, so you need to cope with as must as possible.

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Responsive Galleries

Today I'm writing my own simple responsive gallery solution. It's proving to be a tricky task, but I'd like an image gallery that works on an iPhone, Nexus 7, iPad and Desktop with no issues. There is usually compromise, either on plugin size or image size, but I'm close to finishing a great little solution which covers all the bases. This is being coded for a client - Outdoor Places, suppliers of bespoke outdoor structures. I shall be writing a little article when the new site is launched, as this site is one of my favorite builds so far!

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