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Here you’ll find the latest news and goings on. From time to time I post articles on code, new websites and business news.

Stop wasting your digital budget! 5 Critical questions you should ask a new Web Agency in 2019

Hiring a web design agency or freelancer can be a tricky business. With so many choices, where do you begin? Here are some helpful tips which may reveal the quality and knowledge you're buying into! What is your approach to designing a website? Over the years we've working on a variety of projects, some of which have been for large agencies or websites which we have inherited from a previous web designer or agency.

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A 3D Website, A Dessert Shop & Agency Work

Yes, that's the recipe for the last few weeks. I had the over-ambitious idea of creating a website shaped like a cube. I wish I hadn't, but sometimes you get far enough through a project that you just have to keep going. Here's the end result. The problem with a lot of "new" code is browser support.

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A Wide Range Of Projects

The past six weeks has been one of the most varied periods of work I have ever had. I've been doing more graphic design than usual, including a charity project and some branding for a local Petersfield business. I've been designing a logo, business cards, letterhead and compliment slip, all of which I'm very pleased with! They are going to print soon (with a local business called "Petaprint"), when they are ready I hope to get some samples myself and put them on my portfolio. There's something really cool about seeing your work printed for the first time.

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January Update

Typically January can be a quiet month, probably because everyone is in shock at the idea of going back to work! I spent a few days in Austria with Susanne, her family and our friends. It was a much needed break after several 6/7 day working weeks in the second half of 2015. Even though it was cold I was happy to have a break from the relentless rain. Back to work For me, I had some open projects to finish from the end of last year. The new Williams Of Petersfield website is almost ready to launch; the last parts of the project have focused on adding an online chat module and making numerous user experience adjustments.

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WooCommerce eCommerce Development

As some of you may know, Wordpress is the most popular platform out of all the open source solutions that are available. As it happens, WooCommerce is the most popular shop plugin for Wordpress, making it one of the obvious choices for running an online shop. Research figures suggest that well over a million shops are powered by WooCommerce! Why am I writing this? Well, up until a year or so ago I'd given WooCommerce very little thought.

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A Long Time Coming

So, here we are – the new website is live! This has been a long time coming! The time it’s taken for me to create the website is staggering, it’s been a few minutes here and the odd couple of hours there, all slotted between client projects. I think the build and creation of content spanned around 18 months. During the planning and design of my new website I created several new logos, designs and colour palettes.

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