Here you will find all blog posts on my website including portfolio items, news articles and new code I’ve been working on.

Due to frequent heavy workload I don’t always update my blog, in particular my portfolio, as often as I would like to. If you check my Twitter feed you may find new projects, which have just be launched, that I haven’t yet written up a post for.

Havant District Mencap Club

Havant Mencap Home

I recently re-designed and developed a new website for the Havant district division of the renowned U.K charity Mencap. The new website had two main requirements; Show information on the club, activities and people that run/attend the clubs. Have an easily accessible list of upcoming events so current members can keep in the know with what’s going on. These two aims where met by building a new site on the WordPress platform. WordPress allows the webmaster of the site to change page content, add new pages, edit images and modify the main navigation.

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Palladium Fine Art

Palladium Fine Art is a fine art and antiques brokerage offering a variety of pieces including sculptures and paintings, as well as product care, advice and guides. The new website for PFA needed to display items in a modern, clean and contemporary design whilst retaining excellent functionality for users. The new site was built on the WordPress platform to allow PFA to quickly and efficiently add, manage and delete items for sale. The main objectives for the new website were; A clean and contemporary design, that would be different from the typical “green and brown” antique website feel. A visual navigation on the home page with some kind of interactive hover state.

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Neilan Williams

This major re-design incorporated Neilan Williams’ existing backend development with a new skin for the front of the website. The website was built on the WordPress platform and had additional development to create a review system, staff area and editable home page.

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Rhona Russell website launch

The new Rhona Russell website was launched today. This large WordPress driven site uses bespoke functionality to enable the site user to sort items using multiple perimeters. The visual aspect of the site was also a complete overhaul on the old site. The new website also uses JQuery for a fading banner and an embedded google map.

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New Hampshire Fire Protection website launch

The new website built for Hampshire Fire Protection Ltd was launched today. The new site was built from the ground up, using the WordPress platform. View information on the Hampshire Fire Protection website

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Havant Mencap Site Launch

The new Havant District Mencap Club site was launched today. This new website was build on the WordPress platform to enable quick and efficient updates to the site. The site contains information on the clubs, attendees, committee and upcoming events. View information on the website here

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