Here you will find all blog posts on my website including portfolio items, news articles and new code I’ve been working on.

Due to frequent heavy workload I don’t always update my blog, in particular my portfolio, as often as I would like to. If you check my Twitter feed you may find new projects, which have just be launched, that I haven’t yet written up a post for.

Overdue Update

So...anyone who's seen my website recently will see very little in the way of updates! Behind the scenes I've been working on my new flagship website which I'm hoping to launch soon, a brand new site for Sue Johnson Interiors in Petersfield, several meetings, plugins and generally an onslaught of new and ever-evolving ideas. Once my two latest projects are released I'm hoping to get back to my website re-design. I'm going for a slightly different look and feel this time, and it's highly likely I'll be coding my new website to be responsive - meaning it will scale down to properly fit mobile devices and the iPad. I'm increasingly interested in design for the iPad, and now wish to offer this as an option to all new and existing clients.

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Development Work

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with a Sheffield-based web company on a couple of exciting WordPress projects, it’s been very interesting and continues to show how flexible WP is! When time permits I’m also working on a new theme for this website, although it could take a while with my attention to detail...

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General Update

So, it’s been a while since I posted online. I’ve been doing a few projects for local businesses including and . I’m currently updating some functionality on and doing a re-design of my own website. I recently moved so it’s great to be back to normal. Keep an eye out for my new website, I’m hoping to launch within the next couple of weeks (unless I get hit with a large project!) Thanks, Dan.

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Portfolio Update

I have just been updating my Portfolio with two recently completed WordPress projects. Check out the information on Neilan Williams and Palladium Fine Art for more details.

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Brand New Projects Underway

I am currently working on a range of new websites for local businesses including a letting/estate agents, restaurant, a decorator and an antiques broker. Expect to see some new portfolio material soon!

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Brand New Website

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the new Ransome Design website. The design, build and development has taken many long days of work, but I am pleased with the result. You will find updated information across the site, including updates to my pricing, the portfolio pages and services. One of my favorite new features is the background displayed behind the main content areas of the website - it changes depending on the time of day, relative to where you are in the world. So, if your looking at the page in the day you will see a bright blue sky, or stars if you look at night.

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