Here you will find all blog posts on my website including portfolio items, news articles and new code I’ve been working on.

Due to frequent heavy workload I don’t always update my blog, in particular my portfolio, as often as I would like to. If you check my Twitter feed you may find new projects, which have just be launched, that I haven’t yet written up a post for.

Puddleducks Nursery

Puddleducks is a children’s nursery in Liss, Hampshire. They offer a range of child care services including breakfast and after school clubs.

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The Google Nexus

Having recently acquired two new devices for website testing, a Nexus 7 and Nexus 4, I can safely say I like the Android platform. I now test all my responsive website builds on iOS, Android and Windows - having the extra devices can really help out! As usual, Internet Explorer lacks support compared to other browsers, such as Chrome on the Nexus 4, and Safari on the iPhone, but it is actually pretty good - certainly enough to display web pages for the masses. I'm enjoying the constant learning curve on the mobile platforms, but often find the most flexible build is the best. The whole idea is you won't know who's viewing your site, or on what device, so you need to cope with as must as possible.

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Responsive Galleries

Today I'm writing my own simple responsive gallery solution. It's proving to be a tricky task, but I'd like an image gallery that works on an iPhone, Nexus 7, iPad and Desktop with no issues. There is usually compromise, either on plugin size or image size, but I'm close to finishing a great little solution which covers all the bases. This is being coded for a client - Outdoor Places, suppliers of bespoke outdoor structures. I shall be writing a little article when the new site is launched, as this site is one of my favorite builds so far!

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More And More Responsive Work

So, over the past couple of months I’ve been very busy with responsive web design. That is, a website which will expand and contract to fit it’s required environment. I’ve been working for other people on the odd project as well as doing my own freelance work. I recently launched this small website for a new business in Petersfield, advertising for dog walking in Petersfield. Although it’s got relatively few pages, it’s robust, modern and works well with touch screens.

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The Start Of 2013

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new years eve! I was busy working throughout the festive period on a few jobs, including some tablet and mobile compatible coding. Responsive web design has certainly taken a lift off, and I am now offering this to all clients. My testing suite now includes an iPad, two different versions of mobile iOS to cater for iPhone users, an Android Samsung tablet and both Windows and Mac platforms with all modern browsers. It’s certainly a lot to test but I’m pleased to see the industry moving in this direction.

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Spa Terminus

Spa Terminus is the umbrella company for several independent food producers in Bermondsey, London. I received a call from the Graphic Designer who works with Spa Terminus, asking me if I could code a design he’d made into a functioning website. The website needed to work on a range of devices including tablets and smartphones, whilst being very minimalistic.

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