Here you will find all blog posts on my website including portfolio items, news articles and new code I’ve been working on.

Due to frequent heavy workload I don’t always update my blog, in particular my portfolio, as often as I would like to. If you check my Twitter feed you may find new projects, which have just be launched, that I haven’t yet written up a post for.

Awesem, WordPress Agency

Awesem are a London based WordPress Agency. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them on several occasions!

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2014, Bring It On!

It's been a stupendously busy start to the year for me. I've got several great projects on, and I'm building them on my very first CSS framework for Wordpress. It's brand new, and looking great. I've got several custom widgets and some pretty advanced functionality that I'm feeling very positive about. Harrier garden developments is the first website being build on this new code, and I'm looking forward to launching it soon!

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Skin Evolutions Clinic

Skin Evolutions and Evolutions Clinic are two parts of a cosmetic business based in the centre of Winchester. These businesses offer a range of non-surgical skin treatments to treat moles, age spots, sun spots, melasma and a range of other skin related issues.

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Responsive Parallax

So, I thought it was about time I jumped on the band wagon and tried some "parallax" scrolling. Typically, you'll see then when you scroll down a page and some elements of the page move faster or slower than the scroll itself. This flashy effect is used to add more depth to a page, and seeing as this new Christmas menu for Lemongrass is fairly minimalist in design, I thoughts I'd try it here. I like the results! I took some snowflakes to make the background, and then laid more flaked (with a transparent background) over the top.

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WordPress Theme Modification

I was recently asked to modify a WordPress theme that was purchased online. The theme needed a better navigation solution which worked for both desktop and mobile platforms. As a result, another incarnation of my mobile navigation javaScript was used! My client also wanted to show a range of small thumbnail images in on of the drop down menus. This is not default functionality in WordPress, so I spent some time working with the PHP class that displays the HTML for a menu and managed to come up with a good working solution which is very easy for the site owner to modify.

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Bespoke Navigation For Responsive Websites

I've recently been developing a new navigation system for use on websites which must cope with the ever-growing demand for tablet and mobile support. The nav uses a combination of jQuery and CSS3, degrades without javaScript, have old browser support, works with a touchscreen and effectively shows drop down navigation on a small screen. That's the really tough part - how many websites do you see which display a drop down menu in such a way that it's easy to use on a smartphone? Not many, at least not in my experience. My first launch of the plugin went on a private job for a company I work for, the second version went on the recent re-design of, and sometime in the coming weeks I'd like to turn this into a jQuery plugin for easier implementation.

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