Bespoke Navigation For Responsive Websites

I’ve recently been developing a new navigation system for use on websites which must cope with the ever-growing demand for tablet and mobile support. The nav uses a combination of jQuery and CSS3, degrades without javaScript, have old browser support, works with a touchscreen and effectively shows drop down navigation on a small screen. That’s the really tough part – how many websites do you see which display a drop down menu in such a way that it’s easy to use on a smartphone? Not many, at least not in my experience.

My first launch of the plugin went on a private job for a company I work for, the second version went on the recent re-design of, and sometime in the coming weeks I’d like to turn this into a jQuery plugin for easier implementation. I believe there are still many issues with responsive web design that are no where near solved, and in my opinion the very worst offenders are navigation and high pixel density display support. Bandwidth vs quality, what a headache. I think the iPad3/4 on 3G must the worst device to support by a long way. To cope with demand for sharp, crisp graphics and images, but make this small enough to serve over 3G? Last I knew, even Apple don’t cope with this well, so I look forward to see what comes of this in the future.

In the meantime, I’m doing a responsive conversion of which is going well, quoting for new projects and learning some new code for CSS3 transformations, which I’m loving right now! The sooner the old browsers die, the better, because the future looks great for websites.