Another Website Gets Updated

The second Lemongrass Thai Restaurant site is up and running on it’s new theme.

This website received a few small updates, including different images in the gallery, touch sensitive slider and gallery and a new colour scheme. Both Lemongrass Petersfield and Sussex have won the Trip Advisor award of excellence, placing them in the 10% for performance, of all businesses worldwide. That’s a great achievement – I’m pleased I get to work with such great businesses!

I’ve also been building a new WordPress theme in collaboration with an SEO specialist – this one is for an Antiques Dealer, and it’s almost done. This is an exciting project for me for a few reasons – lots of new code, new ideas and some very challenging moments when I’ve needed to solve issues with layout and ease of use for the site admin. I like to make the admin panel(s) and logic as easy as possible so people can just focus on the website’s content, rather than how it works.

An yes, I’ve said this before, but my new site is finally on the way! I believe I’ve finalised a logo, and a few ideas. I’m aiming for some continuation of ideas, but this new site will really, really out-do the current one. Things have changed so much in the two years this site has been up, and I’m looking forward to finishing the job. As always, client work comes first, then the cleaning, paperwork, family and anything else…!