About Ransome Design

Ransome Design is run by me, Dan Ransome. My partner, Susanne, often helps with data entry and website content whilst I code and design for a wide range of clients. I like to think I’m a very approachable kind of guy, so if you have any burning questions just pick up the phone or email me for a quick response!

Some Information About Me

I am a freelance designer and developer based in Petersfield, Hampshire. I offer my services in Hampshire, West Sussex and beyond. I am extremely committed to my work, investing a great deal of care, passion and effort into every project. I’m always trying new techniques and ideas to ensure each project has something special about it.

Dan Ransome, Freelance Website Designer

Dan Ransome, Freelance Website Designer

The main areas I work in are front end web design/development, WordPress development and branding/design work. If you would like to see what past clients have said about me, head over to the testimonials page.

In my free time I like to keep fit, play guitar/write music, watch movies, learn about new code (does that count as free time?), spend time with my brother, cook up some great food and relax with my wonderful girlfriend.

What I Can Offer You And Your Business

I offer a range of services all centred around website design and development. I stay in close contact to ensure everything goes to plan and I’m never difficult to make contact with. The budget for a project is agreed before any work starts and that cost is a fixed price.

Summary Of Services

  • CMS (content management system) built using the WordPress platform
  • Blogs developed with WordPress
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media integration
  • Logo design
  • Branding beyond the web project (e.g labels, business cards)

Aside from the services I offer, I am also timely, efficient and organised. I will always be honest, upfront, easy to contact and reliable. There are a few other points I see as an advantage when choosing me for your project;

  • No V.A.T
  • No hidden costs of any sort
  • Fixed price work, if I run over on the contract hours it’s my problem, not yours.
  • Good turnaround times
  • Fully insured, for both professional indemnity and public liability
  • I use high quality equipment and software
  • I use a clear contract, devoid of legal waffle

Where Do I Work?

Well, anywhere and everywhere really – that’s why the internet is so good! However, I do like to get out and meet people! I’m based in Petersfield, Hampshire, a good central location which allows me to work in London, all the way to the south coast. I will typically work Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 17:00.

How long And How Much?

All costs are calculated based upon how long it will take me to complete the project brief. It’s common that I’m asked to quote on two or three tiers of complexity to offer clients a choice, which I’m always happy to do. That’s the beauty of how I work – it’s all bespoke and all built around what you need. To get a general idea of costs you may visit the pricing page.

The time to complete a project will be estimated at the time of booking. My workload varies widely from running 4 – 6 small projects side-by-side, to being hired to work on site somewhere, to working full time on one large project for several weeks. Drop me a quick message and I can let you know what the current availability is. As a very loose guideline small to medium projects can take 2 – 6 weeks.