A Wide Range Of Projects

The past six weeks has been one of the most varied periods of work I have ever had. I’ve been doing more graphic design than usual, including a charity project and some branding for a local Petersfield business. I’ve been designing a logo, business cards, letterhead and compliment slip, all of which I’m very pleased with! They are going to print soon (with a local business called “Petaprint”), when they are ready I hope to get some samples myself and put them on my portfolio. There’s something really cool about seeing your work printed for the first time. I love the web, but sometimes paper has a quality that you just can’t replicate in any way.

As far as code is concerned, I’ve been producing a wide range of websites for different industries. I’ve been working in partnership with a local business which provides quality websites and marketing to hotels on a global basis. We’ve been working on a project for The Forbury Hotel which has been good fun, as well as a five other websites for hotels based in Spain. I’m also due to work in collaboration with a skilled graphic designer from Chichester. It’s early days, too early give away details, but it’s a great project and a fantastic client to work with. A really big client, it’s exciting.

I’ve been developing a WordPress plugin to work with “Expert Agent” software which is used by a lot of estate agencies. I had a call from an agent in Wales (yes, a little outside of my usual area) requesting help with their XML feed. I’ve created a solution which worked with their existing WordPress website, allowing them the freedom to use WordPress whilst automatically pulling in content from a 3rd party server. This will give the website much better SEO potential and offer more control over design and display on mobile devices.

Then there’s the really cool stuff I’ve been working on – a 3D website. It’s not often I get to go this mad with CSS code, it’s a great opportunity to create something really different. This site, when launched, will certainly be getting a tweet or entered into my portfolio.

Lastly I’d like to give a mention to Colin Williams, director of Williams Of Petersfield, for giving me the chance to make their new website. Williams are a local estate agents and one of my earliest clients as a freelancer. I created a new website for Colin which was recently launched. It’s one of my most complex builds to date. There was a lot of challenging code, especially the main property pages which load content with “AJAX”, allowing visitors to load all property content from one single page rather than navigating backwards and forwards to view single properties. We also have online chat, location code listing local points of interest with Google Maps and a whole load of other tricks which enhance the user experience. It’s all responsive too, which proved complicated for mobile. I really had to think about layout and proportion to get the end result to work. You can view the site here: williamsofpetersfield.co.uk