A Long Time Coming

So, here we are – the new website is live! This has been a long time coming! The time it’s taken for me to create the website is staggering, it’s been a few minutes here and the odd couple of hours there, all slotted between client projects. I think the build and creation of content spanned around 18 months.

During the planning and design of my new website I created several new logos, designs and colour palettes. In the end I opted for something a little more mature than my previous website. This website is actually quite “stripped down”, but has subtle enhancements here and there. I didn’t want to create something flashy, nor something which replicated every current trend. Personally I get a little weary of everything moving around the page, the over animation irritates me.

You will find my portfolio has been updated. The old one had 5 items because I never got round to writing up project summaries or taking screenshots. This new portfolio showcases much more (but not all) of my work and should give a much better idea of my abilities.

Shortly before this launch, my biggest ever website build went live. This will be added to the portfolio in due course, along with several other projects which are mid-build at the moment. This new work is better, faster and I’m very proud of it.

I hope you find the new website informative, Dan.