A 3D Website, A Dessert Shop & Agency Work

Yes, that’s the recipe for the last few weeks. I had the over-ambitious idea of creating a website shaped like a cube. I wish I hadn’t, but sometimes you get far enough through a project that you just have to keep going. Here’s the end result. The problem with a lot of “new” code is browser support. To my surprise it was actually iOS/Sarafi/iPad/iPhone that had me smashing my head up the desk this time. Still, all worth it in the end. Right..?

Another recent project was for a dessert shop in Worthing called “Crepe N Cones”. The brief was pretty simple; it needs to look cool and show off images and the menu. You can see my design here.

The big news of the last few weeks is my relationship with two agencies. I’m trialling working with a local agency that does marketing work for hotels and a social media marketing agency in Guildford. So far we’re all off to a great start and I feel optimistic about mixing some regular agency work with freelance work. If I do this long term I will have less time to freelance so I won’t be taking as many projects. This actually suits me fine because I like to pick the projects I want to do, that’s the privilege I’ve gained after a few years of working myself into the ground!

Right now I have one large project which is coming along nicely. I’m coding some custom payment gateway stuff with “Stripe” which will be connected to an online SMS service for sending text messages to paying subscribers. This is one of my most hardcore coding tasks for a while and I’m loving it.

Oh, and a new shop called “Tallulah Fox” has just opened on Dragon Street in Petersfield – I’m close to finishing the new website (eCommerce) and will be adding this to my portfolio and blog in the near future.